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Welcome to I Should Have Known!

The trivia podcast where one fact is total BS! See if you can spot it!

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Chess – Nerding Out Theme I Should Have Known

"Check" out our latest episode continuing our nerding out theme! Quizmaster Tanner opens with four facts about the game of chess, but watch out for his gambit: one of them is false! Play along with hosts Andi and Sups as they try to outmaneuver him and find the lie! Follow and subscribe! Rate and review! Apple, Spotify, Overcast Chat with us on Discord! Send your topic ideas to us on Instagram, Facebook, or the I Should Have Known website. Read more: Support the show
  1. Chess – Nerding Out Theme
  2. Retro Video Games – Nerding Out Theme
  3. Marvel Superheroes – Nerding Out Theme
  4. Heart-Stopping Flowers – Anti-Valentine Theme
  5. Star-Crossed Lovers – Anti-Valentine Theme

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